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How Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Companies in 2019 | Windows VPS Hosting Blog – Online Business Article

Competition is healthy. It forces us to do our best, right? Yes, it does—and this principle applies to businesses as well. Every successful company started small. Similarly, every small business has to compete with large businesses to survive and succeed. One of the leading factors the latter businesses have is their resource availability and the purchasing power they have. Small businesses have their own advantages too. Would you like to know what these advantages are? If yes, let’s have a…

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12 Secrets to Get Quality Customer Feedback in the Right Way | Windows VPS Hosting Blog – Online Business Article

The fact that customer feedback is key has been established in all branches of doing business. One piece of the puzzle most professionals leave behind, however, is how to get quality feedback from customers. So if you’re one of these professionals (retailers, businesspeople, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and “netrepreneurs”), this piece was crafted for you. We’re here today to explain what quality customer/client feedback entails and consider 12 proven ways to get it, plus nuggets on how to use it. But first,…

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The Most Valuable 30 Live Chat with Screen Sharing Software – Online Business Article

Live chat with screen sharing software gives you an advanced feature which allows you to see and access the entire screen (not limited to the browser) of the other party. You can easily control, make changes and use the other screen as their wisdom. The faster and satisfactory resolution of your customer requests is first priority of any online business. Live support is the most preferred channel of most of the customers. With the help of screen sharing utility your…

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