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Questions to ask before buying business insurance – Business Article

Purchasing small business insurance is an investment in your company that protects your long-term financial health. When you start to explore options, there are several important insurance questions to ask before purchasing a business policy to make sure you have the right coverage. No business owner can foresee every issue that might impact operations, which is why it’s crucial to find the insurance policies that are best suited to your business. Here are some important questions to consider: How do…

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How can entrepreneurs prevent copyright infringement? – Business Article

By Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation Even if your business is not in a creative industry, you could be at risk of copyright infringement, which occurs when someone uses intellectual property that belongs to you without your permission – often for financial benefit. When you hear about copyright infringement in the news, it most often applies to a song or artwork by a popular artist that was used without permission. However, copyright infringement can also apply to photos, text, and other content…

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Commercial insurance renewal checklist – Business Article

An annual review of commercial insurance policies can be time-consuming for small business owners, making it tempting to automatically renew existing policies. However, if their business has changed over the past year, they run the risk of being underinsured or potentially overpaying for coverage. It’s important for commercial insurance coverage to meet a company’s evolving needs. The business insurance renewal process provides the perfect opportunity for business owners to work with their insurance agent to determine if current policies are…

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