How I Tamed WordPress – Wonen in Business Article

Because I was a die-hard technophobe (honest!) I was scared to use the big girls toys (WordPress) and I started out using Wix, Moonfruit, Weebly and Mr Site (I now refer to the latter as ‘Mr Shite’). The problem with these easy build sites is that they lack a lot of customisation AND you can’t scale your site as your grow your empire. There’s no way I could’ve build my 6-figure business academy on one of those platforms. I wish…

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29 tools for online business success – Women in Business Article

3 life-changing FREE tools that will organise you to the point of super-efficiency. Trello is an amazing visual tool for mapping and organising your business, projects and ideas. If you thought Evernote was too boring, you might find Trello more to your liking. Pocket is…umm…well like a giant online pocket; you save all the links, blog posts and whatever you find on the interwebz and tag them – it’s brilliant! I use it DAILY. There is a bookmarklet for your browser…

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