How to Be Disruptive and not Disrupted – Motivation for Tomorrow’s Innovators – Business Article

As the fortune reads, “may you live in interesting times.” It’s both a blessing and a curse as interesting implies not only arousing curiosity or catching one’s attention, but also presenting challenging and enthralling opportunities and experiences. Well, we do live in interesting times and every day, I’m studying and living through new experiences and trends to learn, unlearn and grow. But interesting times doesn’t quite describe what’s happening today nor does it properly set expectations for what’s to come.…

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Amazon is banking on your emotions – AllformZ – Business Intelligence Article

If you are a deal hunter like me, you’d surely love Amazon. Countless services from Amazon such as Prime – two day free shipping, Smile – donate to a charity of your choice through a portion of your purchases, Kindle, needless to mention Alexa and the list keeps extending. Banks Vs Brands However hard the banks have been trying, they are failing to provide a “brand” experience. We don’t get the same feeling of being a “one customer” whenever we…

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