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5 Signs of Bad Data – Business Intelligence Article

Are you making decisions based on bad data? It’s hard to answer that question because, truth be told, you don’t know you’re using bad data until it’s too late.   A Gartner study states that about 40 percent of enterprise data is either inaccurate, incomplete, or unavailable. This poor data quality translates into an average of $15 million per year in a ripple effect of financial loss, missed opportunities, and high-risk decision making. Why? Because bad data is the reason behind poor analytics.   We live in a world…

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Master Data Management (MDM) and How it Can Organize Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Data for Business Intelligence – Business Intelligence Article

In today’s data-driven world, business intelligence (BI) and analytics play a huge role in better understanding your customers, improving your operations, and making actionable business decisions. While there’s no doubt about the value of implementing a BI solution, many Dynamics ERP customers face the same data challenges with the quality and credibility of their data before a project even begins. Take a look at the data you need to use in order to get any value from business intelligence and…

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Report Portability: How to Cut Your Reporting Costs in Half – Business Intelligence Article

Investing in an ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics, comes with a lot of promises. The promise of efficient processes, operational visibility, productivity improvements, revenue gains – and most importantly, the promise of better decision making.   Better, more informed decision making comes from flexible reporting and analytics.   There are many approaches you can take to building reports and dashboards in Dynamics but due to limited resources and lack of technical expertise, most of the time companies are forced into using hardcoded, programmed reports that are written by specialized developers. Those specialized developers are then called in for any variation,……

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