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Valentine’s Day Donation From UCS Sends 10 Girls To School For A Year – Business Article

Two issues that are very close to our hearts here at UCS are charity and equality. We are always striving to help the less fortunate and give women the same opportunities for success as men. So, it’s no surprise that we were drawn to the remarkable efforts of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). In impoverished nations around the world, young girls are much more likely to be out of school than boys. The IRC utilizes donations to keep girls in…

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Jared Weitz Shares Why Knowledge And Talent Aren’t All You Need In New Forbes Piece – Business Article

Knowing a lot about your industry and being great with numbers are extremely valuable skills for running a business. They may not, however, be particularly helpful in regards to managing a team or staying calm under pressure. These obstacles require a different set of skills, and they don’t always come naturally to entrepreneurs. In this new piece for Forbes, United Capital Source CEO Jared Weitz explains what it really takes to build and maintain the true foundation for business… This…

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