Universe Design

How to perform data masking – Business Intelligence Article

One of the cool features with Information Design Tool and UNX universes is the ability to point to different table views depending on your security profile. Because of this, we can easily perform data masking, which allows us to mask restricted data. For example, I have 2 different types of users. Group FULL who can see all revenue/cost measures, and Group PUBLIC who can see revenue measures but 0 for any cost measures. A question one might ask is, “Why…

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Handling many-to-many joins using a bridge table (Part 1) – Business Intelligence Article

As a data warehouse architect, star schemas are great until we encounter the dreaded many-to-many fact to dimension scenario. For example, we have a Ticket Fact table and a Tag Dimension table. The cost metric is calculated at the ticket level, so tickets have the lowest granularity and hence the ticket fact table.   However tickets can be tagged with multiple describers. A ticket can be interesting, excellent, and complicated. If we flatten the tags into the fact table, you’ll notice…

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