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The global economy is slowing down. What can governments do about it? | Business – Business Article

Central banks are getting twitchy. On average, recessions have come along once a decade since the mid-1970s and the nadir of the last downturn occurred almost a decade ago. The Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has predicted that there will be a recession in America by the time Donald Trump comes up for re-election at the end of next year. The darkening outlook for global growth is putting pressure on the US president to resolve his trade dispute with China.…

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Markets boosted by US government shutdown deal and trade war hopes – business live | Business – Business Article

Republican Senator from Alabama Richard Shelby, who says a deal to avoid another government shutdown has been reached Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial market, the eurozone and business. A burst of optimism is rippling through the markets this morning, after US lawmakers reached a tentative deal to avoid another government shutdown. Overnight, Democrats and Republicans agreed a new spending package, which includes some more money to fund…

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Why record job growth in America hides a troubling reality | Business – Business Article

January marked the 100th consecutive month of job creation in the United States – a record breaking streak of job creation that has left employers scrambling to find workers and dragged the long-term unemployed back into the market. Yet even now, 20m jobs later, there are some parts of the US economy that have yet to reflect the positive image projected by the continuous job growth and low unemployment rate. “That we’ve had the unemployment rate at or below 4%…

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