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How Your Website Benefits By Clubbing Cloud Sites With CloudFlare? – Online Business Article

Usually every website owner has concerns like content optimization, security of the website, protection from spam and ensuring an efficient performance of the website during the times of high traffic. If your cloud website is paired with CloudFlare, your website can be properly optimized, it can be completely secured and a great performance can be ensured as well. How Does CloudFlare Work? CloudFlare has a traffic filter process and all the traffic coming to your website has to pass through…

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ModPageSpeed Installation & Configuration for cPanel / WHM – Online Business Article

A few years ago, Google released a module for Apache. This module rewrote web pages according to standard best practices. We all know the importance of caching and combining files to reduce requests. But a lot of other tweaks can be done to improve load times. Inlining above-the-fold content CSS, progressive display of images, browser expiry headers etc. All of these play a role in your website’s loading speed. You can implement all or most of these improvements by modifying…

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